7 Best Soundproof Curtains For Windows For a Peaceful Home!

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Best Soundproof Curtains For Windows For a Peaceful Home
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When it comes to soundproofing a room, soundproof curtains do not get enough credit or coverage. While they may not be as effective as acoustic wall panels and carpets, they serve a significant role if correctly used.

If you want to reduce noise coming into the room or sound going out, you will need thick and heavy soundproof curtains. Without treating the windows, your neighbor’s annoying midnight music will still pass through the thin windows and cost you sleep.

But not all soundproof curtains for windows in the market are effective. So, how can you determine the best soundproof curtains for windows to treat your room?

If that is your concern, you have landed on the right page. We present you with the best soundproof curtains and show you how much they block sound.

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“Soundproof Curtains” What Are They?

Before we discuss some of the best curtains you can use on your home windows, let’s clarify one thing. Soundproof curtains do not block sound from entering or leaving the room. They are often used as an acoustic treatment rather than soundproofing.

Soundproofing means completely stopping sound from getting in or leaving the room. On the other hand, acoustic treatment help with reflections and echo management to enhance sound quality in a recording studio.

So, the best soundproofing curtains we will discuss in this article don’t block sound; they help to absorb noise coming into the room through the windows from outside. They also help absorb bouncing sounds that hit the windows from the inside.

These curtains are made with thicker materials that provide the needed dampening.

How Do Soundproof Curtains Compare With Other Sound Treatments?

While it is challenging to compare a soundproof curtain’s effectiveness with other acoustic treatments in the ratio of 1:1, they play a noticeable role in reducing noise. You will likely notice their contribution if they are the only sound treatment in a room.

However, the difference between soundproof curtains and other treatment options like acoustic panels and diffusers is their placement. While you can place acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling, curtains can only be hung above windows.

The effect of curtains could be similar to acoustic panels, but you can’t place curtains freely like panels.

Let’s begin discussing the list.

 1- NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Curtains

If you have a home studio and are looking for an ideal curtain to reduce noise, NICETOWN would be an ideal first choice. They come in different colors, sizes, and lengths, so you can choose what fits your studio décor. They will also fit your living room if you use the room for recording.

What about in the bedroom? They are perfect for your bedroom because they act as blackout curtains, shutting off all light from outside. You can extend your sleep in the morning without interruption by morning light or bird sounds.

NICETOWN curtains are interwoven by sophisticated triple-weave technology, making them one of the best soundproof curtains for your recording studio.

The triple-weave blackout fabric also helps with temperature regulation, protecting the house and furniture from the extreme summer heat and winter chills.

Furthermore, the curtains were recently upgraded with a detachable fabric liner, improving their noise-reduction ability by 2.5 times.

NICETOWN blackout curtains are durable and easy to maintain. You can wash them using a machine and cold water. With these curtains, you can enhance sound quality in your home and watch TV without interference.

2- Moondream Curtains

Mondream noise-reducing curtain is another quality soundproof curtain for windows that any studio owner will find beneficial.

While most curtains use polyester as the outer fabric layer covering the high-density core, Moondream curtains manufacturers combine patented tech to create something phenomenon.

The technology combines a small amount of aluminum, cotton backing, and polyester to produce high-quality soundproof curtains. Moondream curtains are also known for reducing reverberation, making it easier to make a zoom call or record music or video without an echo.

They have a sturdy design and come in various colors, so you can choose the one that fits your room’s aesthetics. The three-layer design and their beautiful cotton outer layers make them a strong option for any home studio.

They can reduce sound by 7dB and deaden sound within a room not to disturb neighbors. And since they have a 3-in-1 solution, they can keep your house warm or cool during extreme temperatures, thus helping to minimize cooling and heating costs.

3- Ridhonic Soundproof Curtains

Ridphonic curtains will help reduce outside noise in your home studio and other house parts. They are thick enough to reduce exterior noise by 15 dB.

The curtains also have thermal and anti-cold systems, which can reduce your heating bills. Ridphonic curtains are 53(w) x 96(h) inches and have a thickness of 0.39 inches, making them ideal for blocking unpleasant noise.

They weigh approximately 7 kg and have two Ridphonic rods to hang them on the windows. With this weight, you should ensure you have suitable plugs on the wall.

If noise from outside is a nuisance, you can bank on Ridphonic curtains to provide you with enjoyable living and bedrooms.

Ridphonic curtains also come in different sizes and colors to meet your soundproofing needs. You can use them for your home studio and rehearsal space windows.

Best Soundproof Curtains For Windows For a Peaceful Home
Soundproof Curtains For Windows For a Peaceful Home

4- RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains

RYB HOME is a 3-in-1 soundproof divider curtain set that helps reduce noise and light in the room. Their thickness makes them suitable for soundproofing.

RYB HOME curtains also provide thermal insulation, which means they can keep heat in the house during winter and prevent outside heat from entering the house during summer.

They have a stylish design and color that will make your studio look beautiful. Furthermore, you can acquire these beauties for less than $100, which is affordable for many homeowners.

RYB HOME curtains also have a detachable liner, making them ideal noise-reducing curtains in the industry. If you are looking for less dampening on the floor, RYB HOME is an option I recommend.

RYB HOME curtain is also adaptable, which means you can use them as you see fit to improve your room. The triple weave blackout fabric and its 3-layer design help keep UV rays and harsh light out during the day when you want to take a daytime siesta.

RYB HOME curtains are easy to install and care for. Before machine washing, remove the felt liner and wash the polyester cover with non-chlorine bleach.

5- DWCN Divider Curtains

DWCN divider curtains are made from soft materials insulating the house from thermal heat, blocking sunlight and reducing noise.

This curtain allows you to enjoy your night’s sleep without light interference because it creates 100% blackout.

Additionally, DWCN divider curtains can also enhance your home studio sound quality by reducing noise depending on your setup.

Besides hanging them on the windows and patio doors, you can use them as a partition if you record in a small room. They will help stop reflection and echo from the windows.

6- Amherst Velvet Curtains

Amherst velvet curtains are different from most curtains with a smooth fabric texture. They offer luxurious features, but they also provide powerful soundproof features.

The polyester velvet help to dampen sound, making them a suitable option for recording studio windows.

The curtains also provide Sun Zero elements that ensure a total blackout, keeping light out for those who want to enjoy sleeping in a room often flooded with light.

Amherst curtains are also thick and help with thermal insulation to reduce heat loss during winter and cooling loss during summer. You can reduce your electricity bill significantly with these curtains.

They have various colors that match your home interior design, allowing you to keep your overall look while enjoying soundproof benefits.

7- MIUCO 2 Panels Window Curtains

The MIUCO 2 panels window curtains can filter up to 60% of the outside noise, providing you with a quiet recording or sleeping room.

They are also easy to install and remove from the windows since they come with rail mounting rods. They are made in different colors, making it easy to compliment your décor and house lighting.  

If you live in a high-traffic or busy urban area, MIUCO 2 Panels room darkening thermal window curtains will reduce the amount of noise entering your room, thus providing a peaceful sleeping environment.

Their innovative triple-wave design can block up to 98% of sunlight and completely block UV rays, which means they are perfect for day sleepers or shift workers.

Miuco blackout curtains are also thermal insulating, which helps keep heat in your room during winter. They will also reflect outside heat during summer, keeping it out of the room.

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Final Words

While soundproof curtains will not block sound from entering the room or escaping, they help absorb sound and prevent reflections. They are often used in recording home studios to improve sound quality and reduce noise from outside, thus providing a peaceful sleeping environment.

Besides reducing noise, most of these curtains can double as thermal insulators and light blockers. Therefore, you can reduce your electricity bill by installing them on your windows. 

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